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18,19 EUR*
Details Visual Perception Problems in Children with AD/HD, Autism, and Other Learning Disabilities: A Guide for Parents and Professionals (JKP Essentials)

Visual Perception Problems in Children with AD/HD, Autism and Other Learning Disabilities Provides a comprehensive overview of vision problems in children with developmental disabilities such as, AD/HD, autism spectrum disorders, and specific learning ...

88,35 EUR*
Details Cultures of Color: Visual, Material, Textual (Polygons: Cultural Diversities and Intersections)

Cultures of Colour Colour permeates contemporary visual and material culture and affects our senses beyond the superficial encounter by infiltrating our perceptions and memories and becoming deeply rooted in thought processes that categorize and ...

66,95 EUR*
Details Time Timer, 12 Inch, Garden, Haus, Garten, Rasen, Wartung

This visual timer is used to solve time perception problems at all ages and ability levels and is a perfect size for group or class settings. a graphic clock face gives the child visual understanding of time elapsing. this is ideal for timed ...

9,23 EUR*
Details Form-Puzzle Tiere aus Holz

This wooden peg puzzle includes eight colourful shape pieces. Each shape is identified by a label underneath the piece and by adorable animal illustrations on the puzzle board! Encourages eye-hand, fine motor and visual perception skills.

74,89 EUR*
Details Hierarchical Neural Networks for Image Interpretation (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Hierarchical Neural Networks for Image Interpretation Human performance in visual perception by far exceeds the performance of contemporary computer vision systems. While humans are able to perceive their environment almost instantly and reliably ...